Meta S.p.A. was founded in 1988 and quickly became the leading supplier of spray-dried ceramic bodies.

We produce spray-dried bodies for glazed porcelain stoneware, earthenware, technical porcelain stoneware and drawn or extruded porcelain stoneware, which are also suitable for the production of slab tiles. In addition, Meta’s unique system of mobile silos allows us to transport and store at the Client’s site.


Leader in the production of spray-dried ceramic bodies for over 30 years

Our products

Our spray-dried bodies for porcelain stoneware and slab tiles are available, both neutral and coloured in a wide range of colours.

The different colours have similar physical-chemical behaviour as the neutral base and therefore match perfectly.

The infinite combination possibilities of the spray-dried bodies can be customized thanks to the direct cooperation between the Clients and our highly qualified specialized laboratory.

The high reliability and commitment have earned us several certifications in both corporate management and product quality.


In Meta Spa product quality controls are continuously carried out with meticulous attention; in addition, support to the production line and correctness of the production parameters are granted by a, 24 hours a day, dedicated laboratory.

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Meta Spa pursues cooperation as the core of the partnership with its clients.

For this reason, each product can be delivered in bulk on dump trucks, with the possibility of self-loading for authorized truck drivers, in Meta mobile silos, with a capacity of 22 tons, or in polythene big bags.

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