Tecnogres (code 9050) is a ceramic spray-dried body appositely studied for the production of glazed porcelain stoneware.

To begin with, it shows a high flexural strength after drying, allowing it to withstand several consecutive movements and glazing, even for greater tiles’ dimensions, without undergoing any greenware breaking that too often penalizes these productions.

The other properties of Tecnogres are:

  • the shrinkage after firing, which is significantly low at vitrification;
  • the dimensional stability throughout firing, making it adaptable to different cycles;
  • the coefficient of thermal expansion, constant and controlled, thus compatible with the majority of semi-finished products and glazes available.

Thanks to the excellent characteristic of 9050 Tecnogres, we developed the set of colours awarded with the LEED certification for sustainability in 2014.

Discover our colours

Color code Name Safety Data sheet
9050 tecnogres Download
9062 tecnonero Download
9064 tecnogrigio chiaro Download
9065 tecno gp30 Download