Neutro White

Neutro White

Neutro White (code 9100) is the neutral-coloured body for technical porcelain stoneware production.

The finest national and imported raw materials are selected for production, in a way to obtain and keep constant over time the technical parameters that identify it and make it adaptable for all Clients.

Indeed, the properties of Neutro White are:

  • excellent for ceramic pressing;
  • high bend strength for both greenware, dried and fired wares;
  • clean and constant colour after firing;
  • low and steady linear shrinkage at vitrification;
  • good dimensional stability at any possible firing cycle.

Its exceptional properties make it suitable for slab tiles production.

The spray-dried body Neutro White originates a wide range of colours honed over the years following the market trends.

Discover our colours

Color code Name Safety Data Sheet
9100 neutrowhite Download
9165 avorio Download
9203 rosa intenso Download
9210 giallo Download
9220 cotto Download
9230 black Download
9235 superblack Download
9252 verde antico Download
9255 verde cromo Download
9257 fango Download
9258 camo Download
9260 grigio Download
9269 grigio azzurro Download
9280 bruno Download
9290 acquamarina Download
9310 ebano Download
9351 rosa antico Download
9380 beige Download
9400 ardesia Download
9410 antracite Download
9412 grigio antico Download
9428 piombo Download
9430 mattone Download
9440 ocra Download
9450 cobalto Download
9460 pece Download
9480 graphite Download
9555 hd carbone Download