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All Meta products can be delivered in bulk on dump truck or on pneumatic silo trucks, in mobile Meta silos with around 22 tons capacity, in polytene big bag or in any other container or holder up to the Clients choice.

The high level of automation, researched and bettered through the years, allows a 24 hours loading autonomy all year round. In fact thanks to an innovative system, the drivers qualified for loading, are provided with bar code badge allowing them to carry out all uploading operations at any time and to obtain the consequent way-billing, thanks to the modern automatic weighing system management.

Meta flagship is its products transportation and stocking system, unique and patented on mobile silos, which allows having the lowest effect on the environment, the total absence of poisonings in the product and guarantee the Client a remarkable flexibility and quickness of production changes. Moreover, such stocking system grants the opportunity to try out and undertake new productive typologies in short times, without having to necessarily abandon those already in production and without having to face bonding investments.

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