Each Meta Spa product can be delivered in bulk on dump trucks, in Meta mobile silos, with a capacity of 22 tons, in polythene big bags or any other container preferred by the Client.

Automated System

Thanks to an automated system bulk products can be delivered in self-autonomy all day long and every day of the year. Authorized truck drivers are given a barcode badge allowing them to execute the loading operation at any moment and get the corresponding billing, through a software for automatic weighbridge management.

Fast and flexible

The unique system for storing and transporting products through mobile silos is the pride of Meta services, lowering the environmental footprint, avoiding any product contamination and granting fast and flexible production changes for the Clients.

This system allows to rapidly experiment and undertake new production ways, without having to abandon the former ones or make expensive investments.

We strive everyday to offer our customers reliable, flexible and rapid services