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Meta S.r.l. was born in 1988 and in a short time became a leader supplying company of atomised ceramic mix.
Back in 1997 it had already obtained the quality system certification UNI EN ISO 9002, afterwards changed to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, as acknowledgment and further guarantee of the attention that all Meta personnel are willing to pay to their product and Clients.

Systematic and regular quality controls carried out on the production by a dedicated lab, guarantee its conformity to the technical specifications stated for each product.

Meta S.r.l. today produces atomised mix for porcelain stoneware to be glazed, porous for wall tiles, technical porcelain stoneware and porcelain stoneware for extrusion.

The technical porcelain stoneware is available both neutral and coloured in a complete and absolutely wide range of colors.
The colours and the neutral base peculiarities consist in having chemical-physical features, either fired or unfired, very similar to one another in order to allow an excellent matchability.
The endless atomised combinations and mixes can me personalized and performed on demand in cooperation between the Client and the Meta S.r.l. R&D lab, which disposes of high-tech equipments and highly trained personnel.

Meta S.r.l. offer is complete with precompacted granules that can be derived both from single bodies and from mixes of the same bodies.
As further guarantee of the range of services offered, atomised ceramic mixes produced by Meta S.r.l., can be transported and stocked at the Clients’ by using the unique patented system of mobile silos. Such system has a low environmental effect together with the poisoning and product contamination exemption guarantee, the latter essential requirement for high quality technological and aesthetical production.

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