Bianco Lux

Bianco Lux

Bianco Lux (code 9159) is the spray-dried body appositely studied in Meta Spa for whiteware.

The finest national and imported raw materials are selected for production, making it a body with a high greenware flexural strength and flawless colour.

Moreover, the body shows:

  • good dimensional stability;
  • low and steady linear shrinkage at vitrification;
  • excellent for ceramic pressing.

Its exceptional properties make it suitable for slab tiles production, with the possibility to customize the residual humidity depending on the application.

Furthermore, it constitutes the starting slip for the lightest colours’ production.

Discover our variants

Color code Name Safety Data Sheet
9130 ultrawhite Download
9140 extrawhite Download
9150 superwhite Download
9159 biancolux Download
9215 giallo intenso Download
9264 grigio chiaro Download
9267 cemento Download
9271 portland grey Download
9416 azzurrite Download