In Meta Spa product quality controls are continuously carried out with meticulous attention; in addition, support to the production line and correctness of the production parameters are granted by a, 24 hours a day, dedicated laboratory.

Detailed control

Our research and development laboratory performs detailed quality controls over all outgoing products and incoming raw materials, following the highest quality standards that have always been characterizing the spray-dried Meta bodies.

Highly skilled personnel

In addition to routine quality assurance, our highly skilled personnel make use of specific technical equipment for a deeper understanding of the spray-dried bodies’ qualities.

We can thus analyze:

  • Rheology (Rheometer);
  • Granulometry (Laser Granulometer and Electromechanical Screener);
  • Water Absorption (Tank for Absorbtion test – Vacuum);
  • Chemical Composition (X-Ray Fluorescence);
  • Firing dimensional variation – Coefficient of Expansion (Dilatometer);
  • Flexural Strength (Flexural Strength Test) and Clay Activity (MBI);
  • Total Carbon and Sulfur content;
  • Temperature gradient behaviour (Gradient Kiln);
  • Optical control of possible surface defects (Optical Microscopes);
  • Tiles’ density (Densimeter)

The laboratory researches allow us to innovate and be ready to take every challenge as an opportunity to increase our knowledge and turn it into improvements for our spray-dried bodies in respect of the highest quality standards.

Thorough experience gained over the years, supported by specific technical equipment, allows us to answer Clients’ requests and provide collaborative and competent assistance.

Our Projects

Advanced Bentonite-based materials for circular economy

The objective was to design and test innovative materials obtained by processing natural raw materials, i.e. bentonitic sands, in order to improve their intrinsic properties for high added-value applications in agriculture, animal husbandry, construction and the environment.


GlassPlus Project

The GlassPlus project was set up to find and develop an innovative solution for recycling CRT (Cathodic Ray Tube) glass, mainly by reusing it to produce various Porcelain Stoneware bodies.